Has anyone here successfully installed Tor Browser on the Librem 5?

I’ve seen a few threads here, but they all seem to peter out before finding a true reproducible, reliable solution. I’ve tried this, but it didn’t work. I keep getting an error box that says, “Tor Browser requires a CPU with SSE2 support. Exiting.”

Has anyone successfully installed the Tor Browser in the Librem 5 and if so, how?

Looks like the only thing currently available is UnOfficial Ports. I run it at 175% Display.
Looks like the flatpak is only x64 whenever I try to install it.



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I am running it on waydroid. install waydroid first, then I installed F-droid, enabled the repo and installed Tor.

With waydroid, you can then also activate the desktop file for an installed app and it will show up in the L5 app list :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestions guys. I’ll look into these solutions.

On a related subject, while we’re on the subject of a 175% display of a browser and rather than start a whole new thread on this, I’m trying to figure out how to decrease the display size of the Firefox ESR browser in the Librem 5. Is there an obvious solution to this that I’m missing? Or are we relegated to having to scroll in order to read the whole web page? Thanks.