Has everyone already received their e-mail about the batches?

I seem to hear alot of people already getting their e-mails but I still haven’t gotten it. What e-mail am I getting the mail to and when? I bought mine back in November 2018.

The email for batch preference went out around Sept. 19 (that’s when I go mine. Some may be earlier, some may be later).

For the actual batch you’ll be placed in, that should happen close to the actual date they ship your phone.

It’s also possible that it ended up in your spam filter (or somewhere other than your inbox). It didn’t for me, but your mileage may vary.

If the email is lost to the ether, you should be able to email ops@puri.sm with your order number and prefered batches and get squared away.

there are people on this site who ordered in Aug/Sept/Oct 2017 and still didn’t receive the modem selection mail so don’t worry, you have plenty of time to make a thoughtful decision.

I don’t know if the batch preference e-mails are themselves batched. I placed my order on 2017-09-11 and got my batch selection e-mail on 2019-09-19 (no modem e-mail yet, but I picked C, D, A - I don’t expect one anyway).

If anyone who placed their order later on (preferably around 2018-11; that’s closest to the OP’s timescale) is reading this thread, would you be able to chime in with whether you’ve received an e-mail asking which batch you want? That’s the information that we need.

Oops. sorry i misread it as modem selection, not batch selection.