HDMI Audio Out Functionality

Is getting audio out over HDMI on the 13 or 15 something that is in the works? I haven’t tried it for a while, but when I did try the audio did not work.

Just curious, given the current workload, I’m not suggesting this get any priority (assuming the hardware is capable of it).


For sanity check: did the monitor that you tried have built-in speakers or if not did you have speakers plugged in to the monitor?

Did you switch the sound setting over to HDMI? I tested it recently and it worked…


Turns out this was all on me from the very beginning it would seem. I guess I just assumed it would be automatic.

Thanks everyone, I learned something.


Hi. :wave:

I also can’t get any sound out through HDMI with the Librem 5. In fact, the output device doesn’t show up in the sound settings. :mute:

Any idea of what I can do to make it “detect” it ? :thinking:

Audio through HDMI it work just now in Linux 6.1.21

Specials thanks to @dos by Purism.


First, thank you @dos.

Audio from Librem 5 to NexDock works now, which is great. I think that was the only NexDock feature that didn’t work yet with the Librem 5, and now it does.

However, audio from Librem 5 to Hoyoki dock connected to my LG TV (WebOS) has very choppy audio. Do you have any idea what could be causing this? Is there anything I can do to troubleshoot?

The audio is choppy on the TV speakers as well as the speaker system connected to the TV with optical audio cable. I have tested the TV speakers with the speaker system powered off and powered on+muted, with no difference.

Again, thank you @dos for your work, and thank you to anyone who can help me understand and troubleshoot this.

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The choppy audio is another bug, of course it already tracked by the fancy-gnu-programmer: @dos.