HDMI-Mode doesn't work

Hi !

Dock mode on my L5 has stopped working for a few weeks. I have a few different docks and they all work, just not the connection via HDMI. I’ve reset the L5 before and also switched between Byzantium and Amber.

Is that known at the moment or is it just me who has the problem?

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At the moment I’m not connected with external monitor (not using convergence mode with my PinePhone), yet as I recall you need to go to Settings:


and choose Display Mode Mirror (change current one to other two options). Hope this helps with HDMI-out, actually asking if you already opened Setting/Display on your Librem 5?

NOTE: This screenshot is from my Pinephone (hope serves the purpose), yet as in my related post (should delete that one) described hub will not work with Librem 5.

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Might be “just you”.

I just plugged my dock into the Librem 5 (USB-C port) and then plugged an HDMI monitor into the HDMI port of the dock, and two things happened:

  • “blue hexagons” appeared on the monitor
  • using Settings / Devices / Displays showed two monitors (built-in display and a correctly identified external monitor).

I’m running Amber with all available updates applied.

If I mirror the display then something appears on the external display e.g. the above Displays settings.

It depends on what you mean exactly by “working” but the basic functionality of recognising the external display is working.

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@Quarnero @irvinewade

Thanks for your feedback ! I connected multiple Docks an i got no additional display over HDMI. I wasn’t sure if it was me or an update. I will check another display and HDMI-Cable …

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Nope, i tried different docks, cables and display - nothing worked :frowning:
Card-Reader, USBs, Headphone etc. works like expected … tricky …

i have the same problem. regular upgrades on Amber and it just stopped recognising Hdmi.
wiped and reloaded Amber but it still doesn’t work.

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Perhaps lsusb -v is your friend, to see what interfaces the device on the USB-C port is ‘advertising’. (Obviously this would have been easier to work with if you had the same output from when it worked.)

Maybe scrutinise journal entries to see whether any error message is forthcoming when you connect the dock and when you connect the HDMI monitor to the dock.

Another option, in the unlikely event that you have the needed hardware, is to connect a monitor that natively supports USB-C i.e. no dock, just USB-C male to USB-C male cable directly connecting Librem 5 to monitor.