Heads documentation?

I’m looking for documentation on Heads and how it’ll work, but I’m apparently not very good at searching. I’ve poked around code.puri.sm for a bit and can’t seem to find anything. Does anybody have any experience with that? I know it’s still in development but I’m very interested in it. In addition, does anybody know if it’ll support arbitrary distros/configurations? Specifically I’m using Arch and running full disk encryption except a bios boot partition. I’d love to be able to verify the integrity of the firmware and the bios boot partition since the rest of my install should be theoretically safe.


I know Purism has a lot going on but with the libremkey now available and it looks integrated with heads (in the video on the product page) is there any documentation on how to make heads work with my librem13 v3 or timeline for when it may be available?

Anything available on this?