Heat dissipation observation

So I just received my side car magnetic mount thingy recommended by @Kyle_Rankin for my Nexdock which holds my Librem 5 in the air next to the dock. I have noticed it seems to enjoy that much better than sitting on the desk as I have found when it’s sitting on a surface it heats up rather quickly while it’s charging from the dock and it struggles to stay at 100% from the 500 mA charge current from the dock.

Not so now, it seems to be running cooler and is able to maintain 100% much easier. Before I would have to dim the screen quite a bit on the phone, or shut down apps in an attempt to curtail any thermal induced charging issues and eventually I get the flashing red LED. Before when I have run into this issue I’d place the phone on a large marble cutting board we have that sucks the heat right out in minutes…but carrying that thing is pretty impractical :smile:

Anyways, just thought I’d share that tidbit so you can experiment yourself.


BTW: I did the same without any special observation.

I started to switch off the L5s screen while docked by configuring the external monitor as the main device.

This makes the L5 hold the charge and I’m not missing the little second screen much.

I have a laptop stand with vans included. When I get my L5 I may try to put it on the stand to keep cool. :sunglasses:

I was doing that too before but whenever I would get a call and want to detach the phone from the screen all hell would break loose and I would miss the call. I’m sure that will get sorted out sooner or later but that was my rationale for doing this, plus it’s nice to get the phone out of the way anyways without trying to figure out where to stash it while connected.