Help! Cannot get into the computer

Hi, I just did some (libre office) updates on the computer, it installed them and restarted the computer, but now I can’t get int! A red screen, something about possibly indicating compromise, then I do not have the gpg key with me (is this the usb that same with the computer?). I’m stuck, now it says starting recovery shell…boot…but I don’t know how to get in, what to type. Can someone help? I only want to use the office software. I also don’t have that original pure os USB key with me - the one you need to update /sign the librem key…
Is there any way to get in? Not quite sure what’s going on, thought it was a basic word processing update…

Can you describe the process you took to update?

Sounds like part of your update included a new kernel. As I’m not familiar with pureboot I’ll let someone else chime in. You should be fine though.

This is normal, you must have changed your boot or kernal and now you need to confirm the changes.
This video may help or email support.

Edit: this assumes you have the key, not too sure about your situation.

I know this is about zero help after the fact but if an update wants a restart, it is likely to be more than just an update to e.g. LibreOffice.

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The Relative Dimensional Stabilizer must be out of whack. If you make it big enough, perhaps you can get back in the door?

Hi, thank you for the note.

Yes the computer completely restarted. Tech support said I’d need to reset the keys - don’ t have them to hand at mo. Can get in anyway via the unsafe mode. Thanks anyway!

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