Help - Mic input defaults to Stero Microphone!

Since very recently, my L5 has started to default to Stereo Microphone as audio input upon every reboot. When I receive or place a phone call with that input, the other party can’t hear me. That mic input remains also after plugging in a 3.5mm headset and is equally useless in that case when making phone calls. I can change the mic input manually, but it will always go back to Stereo Microphone after the next reboot.

I also tried, again, this command to reset Pulse Audio to its defaults:

sudo rm -rf /var/lib/alsa/*.state ~/.config/pulse

but the issue remains.

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The fix is coming soon to the repos. Meanwhile, you can install the fixed debs from CI:

However, you should still be heard even if Stereo Microphone is selected (although with somewhat degraded quality). Can you check whether both channels work when you record audio using that profile?


Oh, so it was a regression then. I will check as soon as I can. Thx

Ah, that might explain the phone calls I was making today. The other side had a hard time hearing me and said I was cutting in and out when I had a headset plugged in (the one shipped with the L5).

I wonder if this also accounts for the headphone microphone no longer showing up in the sound settings when I plug it in. :thinking:

I also wonder… has anyone tried NoiseTorch to make call audio less noisy for the other party?

No, that’s unrelated. There’s a quirk that it may not show up if you plug it slowly, but otherwise it should work. The mic is only being detected at plug-in, so if you have a physical switch to turn it off on your headset it won’t be detected if you plug it in with mic off.


Both of my vehicles are cabled through a splitter to a socked mic and the car entertainment unit. Both no longer recognize the mic. I tried my headset as a test, but you reminded me that the headset does have a volume control, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have an on/off switch. My headset at work, but I’ll check it out to be sure. I’ll also verify the headset, including mic operate correctly on my work PC and try an Spydroid in the vehicles. I definitely need to figure this out.

It arrived now.