Help Needed Librem15 v4 ...I think

Had laptop 3 weeks. Like learning about it through trial and error (mostly error) a lot. Also like learning to use gnome. I don’t know if it has a camera. It looks like a camera lens starring at me, but when I click activities and type in camera, “no results” appears. Same with microphone. When I type in Bluetooth, the message is “install a dongle”. What type of dongle and where do I buy one? I would like to listen to and download some music but I don’t know what type of ear bud or headset to plug in that is compatible. Also these things on the sides look like usb ports but the guy at target said a regular usb stick won’t work because they are for high speed?? What are they and why would I use them? It seems that when you buy anything new these days, it comes with a owners manual that tells you where all the switches, gauges, buttons and other do dads are and what they do. I guess my question is: Where is the owners manual?

To test the webcam I think you can use the program called cheese, if you don’t have it then install it like this: sudo apt install cheese

To test the microphone, try: gnome-sound-recorder

Not sure, but at least there is a “Quick Start Guide” here:

Do you have the webcam/microphone killswitch flipped? If it is flipped, the camera and microphone are physically disconnect (no wires connect to them), so they won’t show up.

For bluetooth:

  1. Download:
  2. Install as described here:
  3. Restart


Hey the cheese thing worked. Thanx

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OK the microphone works too. Now to find the switch to turn them off. Thanx again.

The mic and camera switch were on. I just turned them off after finding them. thank you


Hey the cheese thing worked. Thanx

Well I installed that deb thing and Bluetooth showed up in settings with the statement to install a dongle? Is a dongle a dongle for every computer or do I need a special one for this laptop?
and I appreciate the help