Help please - turning on Blutooth "on" Librem 14 (button is not activating), and off location (when I already turned it off))


I am newer to using Librem 14. I tried to turn 'on" blutooth with my mouse under settings, blutooth. The on screen switch will not engage - it will not turn 'on" when I bring my mouse to it to turn it “on” any suggestions?

Also, I had turned “off” location. However, I downloaded Mulvad browser and was surprised that it mentioned a location in the region. (I turned location "off’ under settings before I had VPN activated. I would assume it could not access location with location “off”

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you!

Is there a way to make sure that an IP

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Ensure your Wi-Fi/Bluetooth hardware kill switch is deactivated first.


What Core? Linux or Freedo?

For security reason i not recommend Mulvad Browser or VPNs.

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Does the Settings page for Bluetooth say “No Bluetooth Found”?

Do you know which Wi-Fi/Bluetooth card you have? In a terminal, with the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth switch slid to the right, lspci | grep Network will show you. You can also check lsusb | grep Bluetooth to see if the Bluetooth adapter is detected on the USB bus.

If you have the Qualcomm Atheros card, Bluetooth needs device firmware before you can use it. You can enable Blob Jail in PureBoot (if you use PureBoot), or put these files in /lib/firmware/ar3k: blobs/librem_jail/librem_14/ar3k · purism_next · firmware / PureBoot · GitLab

Intel cards also need device firmware, but devices with that card shipped with Blob Jail enabled by default since it is also required for Wi-Fi.