Help PureOS default browser load glitch

In the regular “user” I decided to turn “on” the “incognito” mode in the default Pure browser and found that it refused to log into my router that I’m administrating. I went to toggle the setting back “off”. Yet now no matter what I do this “user” no longer has the web browser able to connect to my router for administrating it at!

I know it is the Pure browser because it is the only thing I changed (in this new environment), and when I switch “users” by logging into my Administrator “user” admin account that browser on that account did not fail and stills connects without issues to my router. As I did not alter the admin user at all, unlike the regular non-sudo user.

It all happened because I decided to toggle “on” the “incognito” and attempted to login to my router through the browser UI, I cleared cache and everything. I reset the browser back to the same settings. To no avail as the glitch persists.

Please help!

How do I “restore” my PureOS Pure browser without having to create a new “user” account?

What are the command line prompts to do to restore it from the saved files in PureOS without reinstalling the OS or creating a new user account or downloading the browser online?

I tried everything in the browser UI settings so I think this is an unrecoverable glitch from the UI side of things.

I just need the browser “reset” to factory settings (without having to download online).

Thank you

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This is purely speculation on my part, but what if the browser you are using does not support the router login? Typically incognito mode would mean that when you close the browser, all local caching of any sort on the device is forgotten, and your next incognito session uses a clean state.

So, if your router is “remembering” something between incognito sessions, most likely either:

  • The router is caching some data about the browser or its source IP
  • The router was never compatible with that browser in the first place

Have you ever successfully connected to the router from that browser?

I am asking these basic questions because quite frankly, as a user, it sounds as if you are searching for a reset setting that simply does not exist. If you find that there is some deep reset necessary, I would be interested, as I regularly use incognito mode in the various browsers on my machine – and I tended to believe it was working as expected.


wasn’t pure browser deprecated ?

can you type uname -a in the terminal and report back.

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What is the actual error message?

I would suggest basic network troubleshooting to confirm that, in the circumstances when it is failing, everything is actually normal.

It may not be very convenient but you should be able to create a new Firefox profile for the regular user. So the user would have two Firefox profiles, the original possibly “broken” one, and a new one. If nothing else, this would fault isolate. (How practical this is as a solution depends on how much investment you have in the existing Firefox profile.)

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If it was deprecated then why is it still the only default app within the OS graphical user interface?

I have since resorted to reinstalling the user, since it was still a new install anyway. My apologies for the late response back.

I think you are correct, because the titles to 2 forms failed to load/show. Still makes little since why it functioned barely up until I turned “on” the “incognito” and then failed to revert back once I turned that “off”.

Regardless out of curiosity I decided once I got it online to install Falkon, and that loaded containers for KDE apparently. Falkon with KDE dependencies worked extremely smoothly and showed all content related to the router I was working on. So not only is it not supported but I think this has something to do with Wayland, not exactly PureOS and maybe not even Pure browser either.

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well if you are using an old version of pureos then that what you would get.

This is why i asked you to type uname -a in the terminal because you might need to upgrade your system.

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