[Help + Solution] Bad Weak Wifi Card Wireless 2,4g Connection


my problem is the poor wifi speed.
I get with 2,4G only 300kbit/s and with 5G around 1,5 Mbit/s.
Today i tested the wifi connection again and same result with 2,4G but with 5G now i get 40 Mbit/s.
So that’s fine don’t ask me why the connection works now with 5G.

What can i do to improve the connection with 2,4G? Is there another good free wifi card to replace?
(Btw. i checked the wifi card inside and the connection to the antennas, all looking fine inside the case :slight_smile: Only change i made inside the librem is a HDD external)


Okay ich swapped the cables, used new antennas nothing new, but what i can tell you:
If i go near my router the 2,4g connection is very good like the 5g connection fair away. So that mean the wifi card got a bad 2,4g connection because my other devices get enough speed!

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