Help to Connect L5 to PureOS on Desktop?

Can the L5 be connected to a Desktop (DT) via USB so I can use the DT to access the L5 so I can use keyboard to make changes/additions like adding a email account?

Tapping password when we are to use 132 bit 20 channel 20 character passwords with clumsy fingers gets frustrating after finally getting it in without bzt, bzt when should be one. :slight_smile:

The DT box Run updated latest of Puri OS.

The Docs, and Wiki has me confused.


I don’t know whether it helps but you should be able to connect any USB keyboard direct in the bottom of the Librem 5.

(Since the Librem 5 has a USB-C connector, you would either need a keyboard with a USB-C connector at the end of its cable, or you would need a USB-C to USB-A adapter.)

Another option is a Bluetooth keyboard.

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