Help to Escape Update Loop

Today’s Update goes in circles.

1- Click to Update from Notifications.
2- “Requires Restart. [DOWNLOAD]”
3- {list of stuff to update}
4- Click “Download” button.
5- Echos “Cancel” where Download button was.
6- Cancel changes to “Checking”
7- Checking stops,
8- Back to the same thing

Shut down
Go to Notifications - nothing about updates.
Go to “PureOS Store”
Click “Updates”
Same screen as in Step 2 above.
Click Refresh Icon at top left.
Echos “Checking”
Same screen … “Requires Restart”

Yes, I’ve Restated a lot.

Let us know, one way or the other if anything was updated.

Definition of Insanity:
Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

Please stay on topic - thanks.

Try this:

sudo apt update
apt list --upgradable
sudo apt full-upgrade

The PureOS Store is so annoying.:wink:


PureOS Store (gnome-software) has the issue of hanging often for me as well. Both on the Librem 5 as well on my Fedora desktops. It is a known issue.

When the hang of PureOS Store happens, you can type this in the terminal to kill PureOS Store, and retry:

pkill gnome-software

You can also update via the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade
flatpak update
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I noticed you gotta be quick on the finger. You can’t just hit [download] and look away.

The blue button will eventually have the word “restart” in it and you have to be quick. Otherwise [download] will appear again.

Or maybe it is cycling through the list of updates sequentially?

Addendum: It isn’t synaptic after all.


I think this is the case.

Thanks @ASwyD2.
I combined it with @janvlug suggestion. (3/5) Appears more aggressive :slight_smile:
It stopped the loop.