Help to sudo login

I can’t do “sudo some-other-command” successfully .
=> “purism does not appear in the sudoers file.
this incident will be reported.”

And with ssh i have “connection refused” .

any ideas?

For the purism account not being in the sudoers file… uuu and mount the phone storage on another device chroot in and edit the sudoers file to add the purism account is my first thought.

For ssh connection refused you likely need to configure sshd to either allow password auth or configure a public private key pair and get the public key in the correct place to allow cert auth. As well as making sure any firewall rules are modified to allow ssh connections.

Is there anywhere documentation on uuu ?

How did you get a Librem 5 without sudo access? Maybe you don’t care about my opinion, but if I were you I would nuke that system install and reflash the phone with the clean operating system image from Purism.

Well, I don’t know.
I think you’re right.

I am still still taking a tutorial for the use of “uuu”.

for ssh “connection refused” usually means sshd is not running on the server.

Re uuu:

As noted in the tutorial, if your computer is running a newish version of Ubuntu or one of the distributions that are built on it, uuu should already be in your software repository, so you wouldn’t need to build it.

But I second @Dlonk 's suggestion to just reflash the device with the known good build of the OS. Everything will be wiped, of course, so you should back up anything you need to keep.

There are tutorials in the forum for reflashing the device if you need them.



If you are interested in reflashing the Librem 5, I have already provided instructions on how to do so in a different thread and post.