Help wanted: debugging the website's horizontal scroll issue

Hi folks, this is something that has bothered me for a while but haven’t got the time (or skills) to pinpoint the issue so far: the Purism website has some strange issue where it has a huge horizontally scrollable area on the right side, with nothing but blank space.

If any of you are experts at HTML/CSS debugging, I’d like you to use your favorite browser’s “inspector” (ex: the web developer console in PureBrowser/Epiphany/Firefox/Chromium/etc.) and find out what HTML component or CSS class is causing this big empty scrollable area. Simply identifying that would be a great help :slight_smile:

The bug happens on almost any page of the website (strangely enough it does not happen on …go figure!), but for debugging purposes I suggest you use one of the simplest affected pages for your inspection, such as

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Huh, I don’t actually see any horizontally scrollable area. For what it’s worth, I’ve checked from Ubuntu using Firefox, Chrome, and Iridium browsers, and also to be extra diligent, from Android with both Firefox and Chrome (in both portrait and landscape mode).

I don’t currently have access to PureOS right now.
Edit: Using PureBrowser in a PureOS VM via GNOME Boxes also doesn’t show any weird behavior.

Hopefully the fact that I can’t see it provides some sort of clue.

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Attempted on both Firefox 54 and Gnome Web in PureOS. No dice - I can’t find a horizontal scroll anywhere.

Can you show us whether that element is coming up on your end anymore?

I have also experienced this before but somehow can’t reproduce it now…

Wow, you’re right folks: currently it no longer happens on that page anymore, but I can swear it was happening yesterday, and we didn’t change anything to that page! This makes the bug even weirder… when we encounter it again, maybe we need to save the whole HTML page with Firefox for local analysis too :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I hate heisenbugs.

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