Hey Purism, Where's My Laptop

Ordered Librium 14 in February 2020, and still haven’t received it. Anyone else waited this long? I opted not to have the hotfix, and anticipated it in July 2021 (“awaiting shipment”). Seems like people who ordered after I did have received theirs. Estimate your Librem 14 shipping

The Librem 14 was announced in July 2020 (link below). Do you mean you ordered in February 2021?

You should contact support at support@puri.sm


Yes, please contact support with your order number.

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You are correct, it was not February, it was July. It feels like that long!! So, it’s been 16 months. Pre-paid. As I stated, I opted not to have the hotfix.

Purism just recently started to ship laptops without the hotfix: Estimate your Librem 14 shipping.

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It is December 15, 2021 and I have not received my the Librem 14, ordered July 2020. Yes, been in touch with support. Waiting.

This explains the issue, as we have almost caught up with all of our backorders, however if you opted to wait until a motherboard without the hotfix, you would certainly have to wait until we manufacture a motherboard run without it. I believe our most recent manufacturing run as part of our massive inventory expansion has incorporated our hotfix so hopefully your order will get resolved in early January.