Hi, I lost the purism home folder off the desktop

Hi, I lost the purism home folder off the Librem 5 phones desktop, all files still present on drive… need best way to have to restore folder icon visibility. Thanks!

Hi @spring2,
What do you mean by “Purism home folder?”

Hi, lost home folder icon where docs,pictures, videos etc. reside.
I see the contents are still present but need the icon back with the rest of the apps.
I don’t want to try without asking… just don’t want more messed up.
Thanks for any help.

If you mean the Files app, illustrated here… List of Apps that fit and function well [Post them here.]

…try this command in the terminal
sudo apt install nautilus

…then see if that brings the launcher icon back.

Or actually…
sudo apt reinstall nautilus

Yeah… sorry , lost from grid view.

Can you maybe post a Screenshot here? With latest updates you can long press the power button and then select making a screenshot. It’s sometimes very hard to get what the problem is.

Have to do later, away from home til later today… phone not my daily user yet almost there.
Thanks for the help see ya soon.

Hi guys!
Thanks for the help on that … finally this morning with second try at reinstall of nautilus it worked and the File Box Icon returned after a restart! Clicked it just now and everything is back to normal as far as that issue goes, checking more now.
Q, If I wanted to change to another like nemo? would I just use rm on nautilus and then use terminal to install the other file manager? Don’t want to break again.

You can install nemo without uninstalling nautilus. Or you can remove it if you want. I have both installed, but use nemo.

Thanks for the answer on that I installed nemo and like much better as nautilus has selection problems when you try to get the item selected, really a pain.
So thank you for the help!!!

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For me Nemo has selection issues while nautilus works fine selecting anything. The only thing I really miss is the two window in one feature.