Hibernate not working on Qubes L14

I’m using Qubes 4.0 on L14 with i3 and for Laptop Lid I set to Hibernate.
But, if I’m closing the lid the laptop will NOT hibernate. WIll stay open as normal
Will not even lock the screen …

Is it there something that I should do on i3 in order to have this working?

Qubes has no hibernation implemented: https://github.com/QubesOS/qubes-issues/issues/2414.

But the way, did Qubes work out of the box, or did you perform any configuration? Is it 4.1? In the first case, could you please help with providing one more HCL report for Qubes OS? Some people say it requires tinkering. This could help to put Librem 14 in the short list of compatible devices.

My Qubes [4.0] worked without any configuration.
But as discussed here many times

  • chager is not working out of the box you’ll need to install librem ac apci module
  • fans noise …
  • don’t know anything else right now

Thanks! Concerning the noise, have a look here:

it looks to work with the new update : https://danten.io/qubes-os-4-1-i3-blurred-graphics-on-t450s-fix/