Hidden directories in Librem5


How and where can I find the hidden directory
so that I can copy the fr.yml file there?

Thanks in advance !

Question answered here : Talking about Librem 5 in French language

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  1. Inside a files browser such as Nemo (my preferred) or Nautilus (both of these will be called Files in your app list, after installation), look under View in the menu.
  2. Select Show hidden files. This will reveal all hidden directories (folders) and files. They all have a “.” in front of the name, which indicates that they’re normally hidden.
  3. In the Home directory, scroll down to the .local folder and double-tap it.
  4. Inside the .local folder, find the share folder and double-tap it.
  5. Inside this share folder, look for the squeekboard folder. If it doesn’t exist yet, create it, using the File submenu inside the Files app.)
  6. Inside the squeekboard folder, find or create the folder keyboards.
  7. Copy your fr.yml (fr.yaml?) file to there.

P.S. The above process is the GUI equivalent of the terminal command @fralb5 described in the other post.

Creating a folder from the GUI ? what a strange thing to do :crazy_face: :rofl:


You can also use the Portfolio application found on the store. To show hidden files, simply check the appropriate box in the settings.

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Present in the store only if the Flathub repo has been added.

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