[Hint] Remove Icons

Hi !
I sometimes have unnecessary icons in the app overview and have found a solution to hide these icons. I hope this helps someone :slight_smile:

You can find existing icons under

l / usr / share / applications /

copy the icon

cp /usr/share/applications/example.desktop ~ / .local / share / applications /

edit the file

vi ~ / .local / share / applications / example.desktop

and add in the file

NoDisplay = true

The icon disappears immediately.

sudo apt install menulibre

Use this simple application to hide icons from desktop.
It uses the same method as described above.


was just going to suggest that!

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I have another Phosh-related question.
Does anybody know, how to always show all applications on main screen, not only those that target for mobile platform?

See: Successful Reflash to Byzantium - #10 by dos


Success. Many thanks!

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