HKS not working properly on Librem 5 (L5)

The HKS aren’t working properly on my L5 Evergreen Byzantium. I usually connect my laptop to the L5 via wifi-tethering and that only works if the wifi and cellular switches are in state “activated” during boot. If they are not in activated state, or if they have been deactivated after boot, then it will look like there is a network connection, but I will not be able to connect to any websites or use any other internet services. The laptop will be able to connect to the wifi-hotspot, but will not get any data. Has anyone else experienced this? It is 100% reproducible on my phone. To bypass the problem I have to enable the wifi and cellular switches and do a reboot.

I think I have the same issue, but I did not think of it as an issue with kill switches, for me it is a more general problem that the mobile internet connection sometimes stops working and when that happens the L5 is unable to recover from that problem, until reboot. But the way you see it could be a better way to investigate since you get the same behavior every time.

Anyway, it could be related to this:

A way to troubleshoot I think would be to turn on ModemManager debug output by changing a line in the /lib/systemd/system/ModemManager.service file like this:

ExecStart=/usr/sbin/ModemManager --debug

and then look at sudo journalctl output around the time when mobile internet connection fails.

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Thanks, I’ll try that and see if I can get some more information. I had the problem with the mobile connection before upgrading to byzantium, but I haven’t had that since. I think my problem is also with the wifi switch, since if I turn it off and then on wifi-tethering will not work.

Consider adding an issue here or comment on existing issues to add your info there, then there is better chance that Purism’s developers will see it.

Yes, I’ll do that. I actually have an account there.

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