Hobby replacement of Librem 13 screen

I would like to get some advice on the feasibility of doing a sort of hobbyist project of swapping out the Librem 13 screen with a HiDPI screen. I would very much like to switch to a Librem 13 full time, but I am specifically working on HiDPI bugs/software and would very much like the experience of doing so without having to connect to another display (especially if I am traveling, etc.).

I know the “release schematics” portion of the the roadmap hasn’t been reached yet, but I was wondering if anyone has attempted anything similar already (perhaps just doing a one-for-one swap on the screen as a routine fix for example). Anyways, I’ve been looking into learning some more hardware hacking in general, so I am not too daunted by the impracticality of such a project, but certainly happy to receive suggestions and I would ideally post my results if successful.

Edit: to be clear I would be wanting something like a 3840 × 2160 resolution screen to replace the 1920×1080 screen.

Buy a Librem 15 ? :smile: