Hotspot capabilities of Librem 5?


I understand this will have a low priority or none as it might raise security issues with the phone itself, but I was curious if it would be a feature on the phone. Creating a internet hotspot or sharing internet to other devices.


I would think that if this wasn’t shipped with it to begin with that it is something that could be added later. This assumes, of course, that the wifi radio can function in the mode required.


GNU/Linux desktops can already do hotspots. I don’t see any reason that the Librem 5 would be any different in the long run. The setting may not be exposed for the first several years, just like Lubuntu didn’t expose settings for WiFi networks that had more than a simple password.


Thank you for the responses! Guess we will just have to wait and see :slight_smile:


Actually, I’m using as daily smartphone the Ubuntu powered BQ E4.5 (formerly developed by Canonical, now by a community Its hotspot function is what I do use around 10 hours a day. It would be a show-stopper for me, if this is missing in the Librem-5.


Oh that sounds promising, I’d love to create a hotspot for my nintendo switch if I’m on the move but it’s not a dealbreaker for me I guess


I also use hotspot capability of my phone 8h/day, so that feature is important to me too. I wonder, once I imagine it’s related to this topic, if it’ll be possible to use VNC to access the desktop mode of LIbrem5 when you’re, e.g., at your workplace, using your firm’s computer.


UBPorts will be officially supported on the Librem 5. So, I think we will definitely have hotspot capabilities on the Librem 5 even if we have to install UBPorts to get it.


Depends on the wifi radio user, but hope you are right.


As the other said there should be no technical reason withe an normal wifi module + linux + debian.
And from the UI point the librem uses pureOS with Gnome wich allready suports hotspots in an easy way via the wifi settings menu.

Will probably look like this but optimised for small screens.

Gnome user manual: