How about leaving the changing MAC address "bug" on the Librem 5 alone?


I noticed that on one of the dev pages, Guido Gunther and Bob Ham posted an issue that needed fixing with the Librem 5 dev kit. The issue was that the Librem 5 was changing the MAC address with each boot. I think this is a GREAT feature to have for anonymity purposes while using Wifi. Rather than “fix” or disable this feature, why not embrace it and make it an opt-in or opt-out feature on boot up? Is that possible?


Interesting idea. If a feature, I’d prefer it be opt-in (rather than opt-out) since it may introduce issues at your network layer, e.g. firewalls/APs with MAC filtering, DHCP reservations breaking, DHCP pool exhaustion (with long lease times and many reboots), etc.


Anyone else think this is a good idea?


Similar to Tails? More options are always good, but as @jon.armani said before it has to be opt-in because of the issues which would arise for not-so-technical users and networks they use.