How access bios settings

On default librem 14 firmware how do i access bios settings so i can confirm system clock etc is correct

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Don’t you get manual that came with L14? Usually as you boot, press DEL or F2 button that should get you into bios settings for most computers.

I did not get the manual. Is a pdf version? I can only see that on support website for 13 and 15 librems

there. are. no. BIOS. settings.


Sorry, I wasn’t aware there’s no manual for L14 yet as well no bios settings to access. I don’t have any PureOS software or hardware as I’m still waiting for L5.

so what if for example the system clock is off and you need to check if it’s possibly a problem in the bios?

I don’t have a Librem laptop, but it’s my understanding that setting the time in your Librem’s OS changes the system time for the internal clock. Somebody from Purism could say more authoritatively, however.

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man hwclock