How can I delete the entire phone call history?

I have a very long call list, I would like to be able to delete them in bulk. Is there a short cut to use to delete all the recent calls in the call log?

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I believe that the answer is “no” i.e. that this is functionality that is currently missing.

If you are technically inclined, I recall that someone posted some SQL commands to do the job.

I’ve just tried this and it seems to be working:
Make a copy of ~/.local/share/calls folder (in case something goes wrong, you can always restore the files).
Having done this, delete all the files inside ~/.local/share/calls folder.
In my case there where 3 files (records.db, records.db-shm and records.db-wal).
Reboot the L5.

I’m not responsible if this action breaks something for you. In my case, it seems to work without side effects.

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This should be a normal feature, to trim and forget history. I’d also like to see histories being developed further to be more informative statistics about user (sending and receiving) communications behavior. Maybe with reminders to call mum more, identify when you need to have a talk with boss about those late evening work messages, to see how many minutes each child gets quality talktime per month or to warn about texting your favorite someone so much it seems like stalking (and how much that costs) etc.


i would post it as an issue with Calls, there should be an option to clear all. Maybe workflow:

  1. see call history
  2. longpress any entry
  3. button pops up “Clear”
  4. push button and all history clears

Seems simple? Currently menue for the single item pops up to delete. The way i am thinking about is to keep holding tge button until the clear all shows.

But then someone might also want “clear older” i.e. not delete everything but keep only the last X days of history.