How can I get Purism to stop charging me money? (support emails have not been answered)

I signed up for AweSIM.

I never received anything.

Purism is now charging me $49/month.

I have sent support emails, with no response.

How can I get Purism to stop charging me money?



Really great service.

I am assuming I will never receive a response, and I will need to cancel my credit card to get you people to start charging me money.

This will cause me a lot of trouble, as I will need to change billing details with several other companies.

I will be raising a case with the Better Business Bureau as well.


Perhaps @jcs can help you.


I’m very sorry to hear that your experience so far has been so poor, but want to thank you for your business and will do everything I can to make it right. What is your order number? (PM me if you prefer.) The on-site operations team (who handles AweSIM subscriptions) will return on Monday, but I will contact them with your order details to investigate your subscription status and rectify your account to ensure that you are shipped a SIM and only billed as appropriate. I have also alerted the support team to your concern of them not being responsive.


Thanks, my initial order from April 30 is Purism_3188822, and my renewal order from the end of May is Purism_3214932. It would be great to get both of these charges reversed, since I never received anything. The highest priority is to make sure that I don’t get any more charges in the future.


I will follow up on Monday to see what the status is


Please see earlier in this thread - if you provide some clarifying information (order number, etc), I can escalate resolution to the right people and inquire why you have not heard back from support.


I have a Librem 14 and Librem 5 that I like and use often, but I never got AweSIM service. Have sometimes thought about getting it. Interested to hear how this works out for you; I wouldn’t like to have the same happen to me.

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