How Can I Stop Using Librem Key to Decrypt LUKS Volume?


I used the following script to make it so that I could use my Librem Key to decrypt my LUKS partition on my Librem laptop:

However, I would like to undo these changes and go back to manually entering my LUKS passphase…

I am hesitant to start randomly trying things, however, because even thought I do have a local backup, I’d rather not waste a bunch of time restoring my whole system.

Any ideas?

Hi @ryanjpreston,

The following article has a step-by-step guide on how to undo these changes.

It’s not an automated script, but should be fairly straightforward to undo it. Make sure you know which keyslot your password unlocks etc., might want to read a bit on the background too in case something goes wrong. Also: make sure your local backup is up to date - just in case…

Good luck.


Thanks so much pfm!

Hope it works!