How can I update whoogle-search?

Whoogle worked fine until a couple of months ago that stopped working. It can not by-pass the Google consent page. This issue has been fixed on whoogle git quite some time ago but I can not get this update.

apt-get does not know the package whoogle-search
pip says that it is already uptodate

How can I solve this on my L13 with Byzantium PureOs?

Are you self-hosting your own local Whoogle instance?

Yes. It is though a couple of months since my last message, so I have to re-check things.

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Okay, let us know if the situation has resolved itself or not.

pip install whoogle-search


Requirement already satisfied: whoogle-search in /usr/local/lib/python3.9/dist-packages (0.8.3)

If I search through whoogle it presents me with a google screen to accept the license. If I accept, it takes me to Google (it does not stay in whoogle). I know that this was a known bug that got fixed. In Manjaro Linux an update solved it. But on PureOs I do not know how to upgrade.

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Use this:

pip install whoogle-search --upgrade

thank you. It upgraded to 0.8.4.

Still it does the same. It keeps asking to accept the Google cookies and then takes me to Google search.

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Here is what the GitHub issue says about it:

nano /usr/local/lib/python3.11/dist-packages/app/

Line 297:

297 cookies = {
298 'CONSENT': 'PENDING+987',
300 }

In your case, I would probably execute nano usr/local/lib/python3.9/dist-packages/app/ instead, then follow the rest of the instructions normally.

Nop. I already have such lines. It says

cookies = {
            'CONSENT': 'PENDING+987',
            'SOCS': 'CAESHAgBEhIaAB',

Even if I change to the proposed SOCS value it does the same. No change

Can I somehow purge the installation of whoogle and re-install? It is pip installed.

It is not only the consent issue. It is also that after I consent it takes me to Google. It does not stay on the Whoogle page.

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We can consider that later; I have a few more ideas left.

Change your lines to this:

cookies = {
            'CONSENT': 'PENDING+987',
            'SOCS': 'CAESHAgBEhIaAB',

If that does not work, remove ) so that there is no closing bracket.

Otherwise, I will need time to read more pip documentation later, but if you want a fresh PureOS installation, consider these instructions:

You can also experiment with Crimson:

Thank you for trying to help me. But nothing changes. What I did was.

vim /usr/local/lib/python3.9/dist-packages/app/

change the lines as you suggest above. Then

systemctl stop whoogle
systemctl start whoogle

and test with firefox.

I did not say how to purge pureos and start over. My question was how to purge the installation of whoogle only and re-install it.

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As mentioned earlier, I will need time to read more pip documentation later; I simply do not use pip or Whoogle, and provide support on my free time and interest.

Yes yes. OK. No problem at all. Thanks.

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pip uninstall whoogle-search

I did uninstall with the above. But then I realized that it was still running from another installation in /opt/whoogle I do not remembered what I had done. In any case I cleaned up my system and re-installed with pip. Now it works fine. Thank you!

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Mark your answer as a solution.