How close are purism products actually to RYF ceritfication?

I have gone through the roadmaps and read other forums and it seems that RYF for all of purisms products will never be possible with companies like intel or amd or anything that isn’t pretty old unless they go with open CPUs which are still very early and overpriced for someone to actually buy. Will purism actually release an RYF product soon? Maybe the mobile phone? Got some doubt as heard proprietary blobs are still ran on a secondary chip. I don’t want to listen to promises or the goal of the company. Is it possible with the hardware available and the firmware needed to run that hardware with a well functioning OS for a truly freed mobile phone (that can connect to to the internet and handle GSM) and will purism drop a product that is actually freed as in more free than computers used by freedom lovers? Maybe a freed EC, a libreboot fork (not coreboot fork) and a fully functional computer. I know new CPUs are a no-go so can’t they just use old CPUs with some effort? Who will step up; purism or a different group?

As far as the Purism questions go , I would ask them.

This is no blocker for the RYF certification as blobs on secondary processors which are not intended to be upgraded by the user meets the exclusion criteria ( I would bet the Librem 5 is the first product which could get the RYF. I don’t think the Intel notebooks could get it easily. Coreboot still has proprietary bits, libreboot is afaik not considered yet. Maybe we can hope to see some RISC-V notebooks in the next 5 years?

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RISC-V notebooks. Guessing they are going to be quite pricey and more like webbooks than notebooks.
Edit: I am hoping they can achieve to lower the price of their products as I simply can’t be willing to pay so much for hardware that isn’t even RYF when I can just buy second hand computers for cheap like T400 for 60 GBP or an x200 for 70 EUR and libreboot myself.

‘If’ the L5 gets RYF, I will still not completely trust it as some things are still not freed and the FSF is not really communist enough to my liking but I would at least consider the device more. For the price and for what it is currently (a product without RYF), I think I will wait. I feel that something will eventually pop up about it when the FSF look at it so I’m not going to get my hopes up so if it does, it will be a pleasant suprise and if it doesn’t, I don’t feel dissapointed which is how I live most of my life. Would be pretty cool for a mobile phone to get RYF though :3

Edit1: I think it would be hilarious to see who releases a product first that can be truely free; purism or specific google chromebooks?

And also …

I don’t see anything that would block the RYF certification for the Librem 5. Purism has managed to get DisplayPort alt-mode working without proprietary blobs. The last thing to verify is whether Purism can get the cameras working without proprietary blobs, but I assume Purism chose image sensors that can work without them.

I assume that Purism will return to the Librem 13 and make a RYF 2-in-1 tablet/laptop based on the i.MX 8M Quad, but who knows when that will happen. I’m hoping that Purism will give the MNT Reform some competition for who can make the freest laptop.