How do I find the age of a L5 modem?

There is another ‘may be’ about the Modem itself:

  1. List item - Number 1 probability is the MMS was working up to about the middle of Feb. That’s when several carriers updated their systems. Their point was that if the phone stopped sending MSS, they have spyphones for sale that will work.
    I have done everything I should, flash, delete and re-do it’s settings. I’m told the it is the latest firmware.
    The only remaining probability is that the firmware isn’t up to date enough, or modem can’t handle the needed changes to firmware.

It’s very hard to forget $1500.00 and 15 months of grief.

I see people, walking a dog on a tight leash, and the other hand holding a cell to their head.
Makes me wonder, the dog owner bought the leash and dictates where the walk will take them.
Isn’t that what cells do - guide the owner. Who pays for the human leash? And, who owns the leash?

Yes. I have a RMA. I also read a lot of stuff here over time and read about people waiting a very long time for phone, or refund, or … and to me, it says ‘caveat emptor’

I know, and they are on sale for $600… I doubt they’ll work with the updated/graded carriers changes. The firmware may be the culprit in that it too, or on it’s own, may not comply with the ongoing carrier changes, if changes are the problem… No way of telling.

There are other options but I don’t want to go there. Trying another carrier is one way.

I believe you. Thank you very much for your input. It goes a long way.


That isn’t the only remaining possibility. It is also possible that either the MMS config is no longer correct or that the MMS software on the phone is doing something wrong/incompatible (for your specific mobile service provider).

For example, one issue is that some mobile service providers use a different APN for MMS as compared with the APN for normal data - and the Librem 5 may not yet have the right support for that.

My guess is that the age of the modem is not the issue here i.e. red herring.

:smile: I’ll pay that!

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That’s what I thought because it is so easy to blame the megaTechs - they don’t have to respond. But assimilated forum masters or whatever at Koodo point to the settings, and contrary to it being me not following instructions, I can read and type, and copy and paste and go in circles just to say I did. Note the number of times I followed instructions, and yes many didn’t work not because I goofed up, KI didn’/t; itwas because of the instructions. got ‘add this’ ‘change that’

The settings are what the provider wants. Period. How wrong are they? Look around see how many people are outside with their cell high up in the air looking for a connection. None. The settings work for them. But they have modern devices.

The device MMS worked before. It worked, meaning it received and sent MMS. Coincidentally, a big ‘Ready to install’ came up from Puri. A while later, Koodo told customers they were upping their software and gave everyone notice that devices 6 years and older "may not function properly’ and in the same breath, said they would sell customers a phone that would work. Talk about extortion!
The L5 thing worked about 2 weeks beyond the deadline, but they had also mentioned it would happen over short time.
Then, Puri upped-something and the phone no longer MMS’ed.

Puri should get over itself. It’s not the second coming, can’t walk on water nor turn water in to wine (though I wish). Personally, I find the ads, IMO, are misleading but I probably can’t say that here so.
A ad says “We believe that you should be able to use your phone as long as you want to.”
I believe that too. Oh, I can use for a very long time. But once I hit 2048 high score - it’s of no interest and now no use any more. For what. Garble to/from voice. No MMS which is important in order to remain in touch with others.

All 15 months of grief with this tells me, after following all the tips, tweaks, instructions as they changed, tell me the problem is the device, not Koodo, not the Gronk, it’s the device. IMO, it is not compatible with the changes by mobile providers. Not the one I have.

The most recent Firmware (FW) is, I’m told the updated version. Update to what? U.S. devices?

The device has been, since day one, a nauseating bucket of grief.
Puri will not admit to being wrong about anything. That is eroding the image they want us to see.

'nuff said.


I take

Yeah. Sure - keep on blaming 3rd parties. Puri should man-up and admit when they can’t provide a phone that works. The settings are correct so blaming the carrier for being wrong all the time is cry-bullying.

No wonder many reviews have a poor opinion of the L5, and maybe it’s really about the L5, & how it’s promoted verses how it’s supported, or actually, not supported.

I doubt very much that the carriers settings are wrong IMO, the phone that is 15 months old is obsolete already because the modem and/or it’s software cannot cope with the changes around it. Something professional phone can do - in this case the carrier carried their setting for more than 6 years…

For Puri to turn it’s back and walk away (ghosting) on customers just further erodes the image it has remaining. I don’t see a future for Puri. Puri should be finding our what is wrong with Puri modem not complying with general MMS, phone audio, and

I wager the techs spent most of their modem efforts to work with Librem AweSIM carrier.

Puri should display a caveat with the fanciful ads that the devices may or may not work outside the U.S.

The ad says " Peace of mind with a phone that does not track you" Of course the phone doesn’t track people, the software does all that.

Shame on Puri,

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Why? The phone doesn’t work.

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“red herring”? I do hope that you don’t understand what ‘red herring’ means. I certainly don’t like spending my free time to intentionally divert attention from the real problem using misleading posts. It doesn’t fix the device does it. Do you think I’d waste $1,500.00 so I could toss out “red herrings”?

The age of the modem MAY have everything to do with it. Instead of perusing posts, I suggest you read them. The only possible, and probable thing wrong is the device.

After the last flash 8, or 9th, I had all the old issues return. The sepia-style camera, sides of screen off-side /w scroll, Chat listing texts in any random order, zero MMS, psycho-tap … red herrings huh.

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IMO, it’s obvious - Puri needs to update old (2022) firmware and the ‘most recent’ doesn’t mean it’s new.
" when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." ...Arthur Conan Doyle

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My question is… is it Evergreen or an earlier model? (ie. Chestnut, dogwood?)
This question is not necessarily for you @Sharon but also for those who know how to find this out.

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Who knows! I was told it was Evergreen, if I remember right, by exact measurements of the battery. Found out after a few misguided flashes that it was Amber.
I don’t care if it’s evergreen or shmevergreen - I just want it to do it’s very basic job as advertised. Is that too much to ask of Puri/Librfem? It appears from my 15 months of grief and many posts here that it is too much to ask, expect, or even hope for.