How do I get Librem 5 in ISO image format to test on VirtualBox?

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:writing_hand: How do I get Librem 5 in ISO image format to test on VirtualBox ?

☞ For example :
Plasma Mobile OS is available as an ISO image for download on desktop and tested inside VirtualBox.

Hello @gnu_arabic

Take a look in this thread Running the Qemu image,
probably the last part of the thread is in your interest.

Ah okay, I see i migth be dificult to navigate in the thread I have linked,
how ever there is some relevant troubleshooting.

So the short story is to get the lattes “qemu-x86_64.img.xz” build from the build page:

Unpack the raw .img using the tool “unxz”.
unxz qemu-x86_64.img.xz

Then use the “VBoxManage” to convert it into a .vdi which is the format of a hard drive in VirtualBox:
VBoxManage convertdd qemu-x86_64.img pureOS.vdi --format VDI

From VirtualBox mount the .vdi as hard drive for the virtual machine.
I used the graphics controller: VMSVGA (which also is a setting in VirtualBox. )

Note that I needed VirtualBox version 6.0.10 to get it to work, because there have been some bug with Wayland in VirtualBox


Thanks dear for help :slightly_smiling_face: