How do I get ufw firewall to enable by default?

Librem 15 v3.
When I recently got the device, I sudo enabled the ufw in the terminal and confirmed with a verbose command. I presumed it would always default to enabled on reboot, but it doesn’t. I installed Gufw to see if that would help, but no. It just makes it easier to turn on when I reboot or start up.
Please help. Thank you.

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I would look for some ufw guide for Debian (PureOS is derived from Debian, so most Debian guides work).

sudo ufw enable 

may be what you need.


Thank you for the reply.
That command enables it for the active session, but if I shut the computer off, and power on again later and check ufw, it’s inactive.
It won’t stay on by default.
Does yours?

Not that I am personally a fan of UFW in any way or support its use but

sudo systemctl enable ufw

should cover the usage that you are trying to do.

Thank you for your help.
Seems that’s not working for me either.
I’m a Mac guy but migrating to Linux and still learning. What do you use for your firewall?