How do I install Dino 0.3?

How do I install Dino 0.3?

Only version 0.2 is available in the store.

I am running Byantium.

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If you do not want to wait I see this package in:

apt list dino-im -a
Listing... Done
dino-im/bullseye-backports 0.3.0-2~bpo11+1 amd64

Please search this Forum for @amosbatto related post(s) on how to enable /bullseye-backports repo. Keep us informed when this package upgraded, would be nice to get/have your feedback. Just note that at this point of time I didn’t check if very same arm64 package available. Will do this afterwards.

EDIT: It is available:

Before I saw your post, I learned that I could add what is called the “octarine” repo. That enabled me to install Dino 0.3.

But calls do not work at all, which is what I was wanting to work.

I wish I can confirm content of your last post, but I can’t:

Please take a look into it again.


Now I cannot find where I read that the package in this octarine repo is version 0.3. But it looks like you are proving that to be incorrect. I see the same result on my terminal as well.

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The second post above by quarnero put me on the path to get Dino 0.3 installed. I kept it simple, since I’m just trying to test the application: I simply downloaded the dino-im and dino-im-common packages from the site quarnero discovered, and then installed them.

Dino “works” - I was able to send and hear audio on a voip call from within Dino, which is what I was mainly interested in testing - but scrolling through lists - contacts, messages - was flaky, didn’t always respond to swiping.


I have a build of dino 0.3 at and hoping the version in octarine gets updated soon.

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Tested dino 3.0 it work awesome, looks like Dino it need feedbackd-support.
Thank you @Pirate_Praveen for building.

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