How do I install things?

Ok, sorry this is a dumb question but I feel like I don’t know even enough to know how to search my answer.

I get that Linux doesn’t have regular .exe installers. I also saw that Pureos “Software” has some programs one can install as one would on a phone, but not all. Then when I google how to install things on Linux, Linux is not as unified as I thought, and Pureos is often (so far always) not on the list with Ubuntu Debian Fedora and Arch (the ones on the most recent list).

My immediate goal was to install Lollypop since that is going to be on the Librem 5 when it comes, so I assume it will be very compatible for having music between my Librem 15 and it. My secondary but only just goal is I think this is a good opportunity to learn about how to Linux correctly in general.

Again I’m sorry if this is something most folks can successfully google. Feel free to call me ignorant but I’d love if after that you also helped me do the thing and learn as much as possible along the way.

PureOS is based off of Debian; if you find instructions that claim to work for Debian, they should also work on PureOS. You can install things through the Software application, but you can also open up a terminal (tilix, or by pressing Ctrl-Alt-F[2-6]) and use the ‘apt-get’ command. Type ‘man apt-get’ at a terminal for more information on how to use that particular command.


Much obliged; that should get me started on the right path. Thanks!

You can also browse the “Store” by going to Activities and searching for Store. Search for Lollypop and install away. Apt-get is a great way to get software but if you’re just looking to browse around, the GUI via the Store is a great way to poke around. I use both quite frequently.

Oh, and welcome to using Pure OS!

the ‘get’ in ‘apt-get’ is for telling it to grab from the repositories/mirors but you can just use ‘apt’ without ‘get’ and it works just as well.

you’re probably better of if you educate yourself a little first.
bellow is for ubuntu but all that is debian based so it should work fine for pureOS as well:


Thanks for that; I had just grabbed the first how to Debian on YouTube since learning that was largely applicable to PureOS (the youtube pickings for PureOS with assumed base knowledge comparable to my actual base knowledge directly were slimmer) and I’ll take a curated rec over a first hit any day. Got some fun lined up!

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