How do I log out?

I have multiple forum accounts (by accident). I cannot find a way to log out of this account so I can login with a different account. There is no log out link on the site, menus, profile, anywhere I can find.

Not even error messages telling me to log out have a link to a log out.
"You are logged in the wrong account, please log out and try again. "

Click once on your icon in the top right corner.
Then click on your user name.
Log Out should be there in the menu.

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Also, keyboard shortcut to log out is shift + z twice (see all keyboard shortcuts from the hamburger menu, bottom item/link to open page).


OP has a good question here. the ‘log-out’ button has been moved deeper in the website-UI for a while now but it hasn’t always been the case that it was buried two levels down in the UI.

IMO it should be right next to the avatar picture and should ask for confirmation when pressed just in case someone miss-clicks/taps …

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Click my username? It doesn’t look like a link or control or anything. How would I know to do that other than random guessing?

There are controls to the right of my name that are fairly obvious but the way the name is situation on the left makes it look like a static label. It needs something visual to indicate that it is more than a label.

I recommend making it look like a hyperlink or adding another icon on the right side with the controls. Notifications, bookmarks, messages, Profile (or whatever)

I agree. Took me some time to find it the first time, too.

That’s what hovering is for.

It’s standard software (Discourse). Maybe Discourse has sufficient functionality to make such a change, or maybe it doesn’t. If not then raising your concern directly with the Discourse project may be appropriate. Of course, it’s open source, hence Purism could in theory change it but I would rather they spent dev time on making PureOS better and leave Discourse changes to the Discourse project.

If Discourse is used by other organizations whose forum you use then that makes it easier.

ok but you need a mouse in order to do that … how do you ‘hover’ on a touch-screen with only your finger ? kinda’ tricky isn’t it ?

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Definitely a valid point - although I didn’t get the impression that the OP was doing this on a phone or tablet.

Relying solely on hover is not ideal UI design for any component that should be usable across a range of platforms. (Even all-in-1 desktop devices with touch screen may not have a mouse available.)

Nevertheless this web site used on a desktop or laptop or other device with mouse does implement hover - and that’s how you can see that the username is clickable.

Of course, superior phones :slight_smile: like the Librem 5, you can attach a mouse. Right?

Merry Christmas readers ! where is my ‘superior’ phone (aka the El Cinque) ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just clear out all of your cookies. I had a login here with a password that I didn’t remember after months of not needing to log in to it to use it. Then one day I cleared out all cookies on my phone, not just most of them, but all of them, including the ones the banks are used to seeing. I had to re-authenticate the phone itself with each bank again too after that. Without that password for my forum account, and now I’ve forgotten that user name too, I’ll never get back in to that login account.