How do I login to

When I try to login to I get:

502 Bad Gateway

Looks like it is inaccessible at the moment, so try again later.

FYI: is up … including most of the top menu items of Support - , Support - , Policy - , Stay safe online -

However the “My Login” service is down ( ) and Purism won’t know that without someone pinging support. This is especially true since the “Status Page” shows no issues.

@mladan It appears that the “My Login” accounts service is down ( )

1 Like is a static page.

Purism has been made aware of and acknowledged the uselessness of such a static page and has chosen not to change this, update the page, nor remove it.

@JCS what are the chances you can get some traction on either making the status page useful or even just removing it so theres no longer the false sense of functionality when systems are down?



As a side note: logins appear to still be down. . I’m not sure I buy the “25803 Happy People” advertisement on . I guess they let go of one-too-many sysadmins.

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It probably refers to registered accounts, not necessarily active accounts. I suspect it is easy to create spam accounts to inflate numbers.

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I was referring to the use of the word “Happy” rather than the number of accounts. :wink:


Or, perhaps more importantly, fix logins so that they work again! @mladen @JCS

Even a static page is useful provided that there are manual processes in place to update it, which does not appear to be the case. A manually-updated page may be able to show more descriptive and qualitative information, whereas an automatically-updated page may show just “up” or “down”.

That said, from the outside, there is no real way to tell whether a page is static or not.

The current status page looks to be


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More urgently, sure, but that issue had already been raised and this separate issue can also be important.

Sure, though we can make observations and conclude with a high degree of certainty… I’m really not sure what was intended to be added to the conversation by saying there is no real way to tell…

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I asked the relevant people to investigate this just now.