How Do I make Single click, a dbl-click?

On a L5 Everygreen I wish to use Left Dbl-click to open files. Right-click for Context menus.

DEVICES: I’ve a mouse/keyboard/monitor via a Hoyoki dock(er).

ISSUE: I travel between L5, PureOS, Windows, Ubuntu a lot and mouse is always left dbl.-click to open a file. Not on L5.

There is a post (oldie) that points to using “Preferences” and change it there. Neither Docs, Dev, or other posts I’ve read help. Where are preferences on the Evergreen?

Is there a way to set it to Left-Dbl-click?


@irvinewade ? :slightly_smiling_face:

“files” - defined as, e.g., folders, documents, pictures, videos, music files, downloaded files, system files, etc.

Assuming you’re using the default Files app (aka GNOME Files aka nautilus)*…

…whether in “list” view…

…or “grid” view…

… the “hamburger” menu at top left right is where you will find Preferences…

…and clicking on “Preferences” will reveal this behavior setting…

  • An alternative to GNOME Files/nautilus is Files/nemo, which has a similar preference setting.

Thanks @amarok. for your reply, most of it, sans my comments, should be in the Docs arena for L5 too. I was expecting it to be in Settings. Am learning.

@amarok is the best gnu teacher…

Purism | amarok

Since the app originates from GNOME, and is installed by default in a lot of GNU Linux desktop distributions, including PureOS, Purism probably didn’t feel the need to explain all the available settings for the app, or for each individual app on the L5, unless it was something they built themselves, or if it performs differently on the small screen. (And probably they’ve been very busy with lots of other important stuff.)

But it could be worth making the suggestion to them to adapt their documentation to help those who are unfamiliar with GNU Linux applications.


The advertising target market ad reads like a wowie-zowie meets or beats everything else hands-down Buy Now!!
IMO: It needs a cautionary caveat that it should not be considered a device like the others.
It’s coming back from the repair shop around 4:PM PDT.

The bright side is, that after the flashing is done, to install all the apps it came with, meaning, I don’t have to install anything like the camera, location, 2048 - i.e. install nothing that isn’t for using the Phone itself. Hook it back up to Hoyoki and use it as a dumb terminal (they were called that at one time) / and as a phone of course.

Almost noon here and the L5 should be back in 4 hours. I’m told it charges now. :partying_face: Then the flashing begins.

Thanks Amarok


If you have any personal files on the L5’s internal memory, be sure to move them to either a micro-SD card, USB drive, or somewhere else before reflashing the OS. (Reflashing will wipe out and renew everything.)

If you have any personally installed apps that weren’t part of the default set, you’ll have to install those again, so you might want to make note of those.

I know what Flash does, having done it many times on windows devices. But it never hurts to remind people - especially when their focus in targeted to something else. Thank you for that. It raised the question, ‘will the sim-card be OK left in? I refer to the one provided by the mobile carrier’.

Yes. No worries there.

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