How do I shut off screen but not suspend the laptop when closing laptop lid?

Librem 14v1 (I think?) here.

I have disabled suspension when closing the laptop lid, but I now realise the screen is still on when the lid is closed.

How do I shut off the screen but keep the computer running when closing the lid?

I think I have changed /etc/systemd/logind.conf from the commented setting to the uncommented one (but completely forgot about it):


Thank you.

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Try commenting that other line out and see what does.

Also FYI there should be a setting in the system’s power settings that allows you to select “do nothing” for closing the lid. That should by itself turn the screen off without going to sleep.

I have tried un-commenting the original =suspend line and commenting the new =ignore line in logind.conf. I did not find any setting for lid events in the GNOME Settings, but in the GNOME Tweaks I had found some lid related options - nothing works, the screen is still on when the lid is closed.

And it doesn’t go to sleep either?

Now it does not go to sleep, but also does not shut off the screen.



This should lock the screen. The thing I don’t know is whether your DE, like GNOME for example, will turn off the screen for the lock. See and search on HandleLidSwitch=