How do you find your Librem 14 product key?

Hi all I have been wanting to try out windows 10 in gnome boxes on my Librem 14.
I have been watching a youtuber who said that it is best to put in your product number in the space provided when do this.
So where is my product key ?
Is it the SN:L number on the white sticker on the back or the other number on that sticker?

Or is it somewhere else?

Thankyou all in advance for your responces.

@nicholas77 there is no Windows product key associated with a Librem14 laptop as you are probably use to with all the laptops sold with Windows installed by default.
So you have 2 options either just use the Windows VM for the 60 days evaluation period provided by Microsoft or buy a Windows License from Microsoft.

I’m not sure what you’re talking about regarding a 60-day trial. Windows 10 (and to my knowledge, also Windows 11) has no time limit on how long you can run it without the product key. Legally you are supposed to have one, but technically it will run indefinitely without one. At least it has for VMs on which I’ve installed Windows 10.

hm maybe that’s old knowledge or has something to do with the Windows Enterprise based VM image I tend do use if I have to do something on Windows. But all the better for @nicholas77 if it’ll work forever without a key.

Hi all thanks for your replies.
The questian is about gnome boxes, it does have a section wich asks for your product key so are you saying leave it blank?I guess I will have to just try it out and see what happends