How do you listen to podcasts on Librem 5?

I am interested in hearing how people manage to listen to podcasts.
I am trying gpodder but its not really easy and I do not know how add my favorite podcasts to gpodder.
Is there a way to make spotify (non-premium) or podbean, work on L5?

For gpodder, you can use these patches to make it fit in landscape mode.

If you use flatpak you can also use: gnome-podcasts but as far as I know it is audio only.

Pinephone-Mobian here, so your mileage may vary…

Joao’s hack works great, but gPodder uses your external player of choice and doesn’t index so you can resume a partially played podcast. Too awkward.

Kasts has has a nice integrated interface, but it would freeze at times and often blacked its window, rendering it very painful to use.

Gnome Podcasts has a really clean interface and good dark mode. Very infrequently it will crash into a loop of about two seconds of audio. When scrolling more than two pages down the downloaded episodes list it always spazzes out, jumping down to near the end of the long list (which cannot be edited or trimmed). If you are very slow and deliberate when scrolling, you can make it work.

Verdict? Gnome Podcasts!


So I have Gnome Podcasts on my L5.
The problem with Gnome Podcasts is that I need to find the url of the show. Most of the shows I listen too are either from Spotify or from Apple podcast app.
How do I find the url of a podcast on my iphone and then transfer that url to Gnome Podcasts on L5?
Thank you in advance for any help.

hi @joao.azevedo
my bizantium L5 (updated and upgraded) has gpodder installed (via flatpak)
The /usr/share/ folder does not have gpodder/ui/gtk/gpodder.ui
do I need to create the gpodder.ui file and also create the gpodder/ui/gtk/ folders (all inside the /usr/share/ foledr) ??

the above instructions were for the gpodder version available from the PureOS repositories, not via flatpak.

thank you
i’ll remove the faltpak and install from pureos store

Hi again @joao.azevedo

I just had a look at the PureOS on L5 - there is no gpodder.
Any suggestions??
Thank you

Maybe a GUI issue.

apt list gpodder
Listing... Done
gpodder/amber 3.10.7-2 all

(Note, I’m still on amber - so output for you may differ.)

Try installing it this way:
sudo apt install gpodder