How does Librem 5 handle phone calls

I cannot believe it is only weeks away from the first phone deliveries (or is it?) and the hardware specs are still incomplete. Still no camera, storage and battery details.
Also I find it impossible to decipher any clear information on how basic GSM calls and texts will be made. All I see is that Signal, a massive java app with privacy issues seems to be implicated and then even more complexity with connections to Matrix?
I expect initial versions of the phone will have limited functionality, but provide basic web, email, phone and messaging, which is all I need to start.
I want a simple core functionality to build on, but I get the impression that this is not what is coming.
Can someone tell me what will be the minimum software build on the phone to provide basic calls and sms. I don’t want any trendy social messaging, none of my contacts will use encrypted calls for some time yet and I don’t want to phone through a vpn.
All I want is a Google/Apple/Facebook free phone that I can fully control.
Can someone please tell how simple GSM calls and SMS will operate?

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That is a weird question to me.
You tap on the phone symbol, enter a number, dial, speak.

This, and most other topics you touched have been presented and explained in many blog posts during the last twelve months.

I don’t speak for Purism so can’t say whether that app will or will not be present at Day 1 - but if it is, you don’t have to use it! and you can probably deinstall it.

I expect the same as on any other phone. There isn’t really much choice. These are standards. If you expect the phone to interoperate with the phone network then there are limited choices as to how these will work.

When you have an open platform, you are free to install, run, build as you see fit. I dare say that other stuff is coming in the future but you don’t have to install it or you don’t have to use it.

I think the important point about options other than “simple GSM and SMS” is that everyone knows that GSM / SMS are ridiculously insecure and probably will remain so forever … so many people are looking for better options. However the open world tries not to force you to run something or not to run something. It’s up to you.

in relation to Signal i found this,it long but i depth. its also 3 years old.
am i missing something?

it’s not business friendly to release everything before launch and after it launches everything that can be documented and released will get released or you can ask for it in support. for proprietary devices this would be a firm NO always. just be patient. untill you get the phone in your hands there isn’t anything you can read/modify/learn anyway but you can do it after.

While I would love to receive my Librem 5 at the beginning of July, its ship date is 3rd quarter, which goes to September 30. So Purism still has plenty of time :slight_smile:


I don’t think anyone working for Purism has ever promised a Signal client for the phone. Searching for Signal in these forums reveals a complex story about whether a client would be even possible or desirable.

As things stand right now, the core phone applications/features are listed in this FAQ: Which apps will be supplied with the phone?


Sure you can. We encourage you to work on things you care about, even before the phone is out. Most of our source (bar things that are very in development) are here.


i think he was asking for something else not what you suggested. also the last link is url vacant…

I read up on that ixm8 a53 board and think I found the one purism used . If it is the same it is a 3gb ram , 16gb onboard flash with microSD up to 64gb .

The processor has been compared to similar speed you would find in a snapdragon 420 .