How does the new mini support Bluetooth?


I read on the web site that for the new mini desktop:
“Ar3k Bluetooth 4.0 (optional)”
is supported.

How did Purism do this, when the Librem laptops still don’t have non-proprietary drivers?


I don’t understand what your question really means.


AFAIK, I cannot get a free Bluetooth driver for my Librem 13v3. As I understand it, no Purism device has a free non-proprietary Bluetooth driver.
The new mini web site seems to indicate that it does have a driver. But perhaps they are once again trying to fool unaware buyers by indicating that they have Bluetooth hardware and failing to mention that it doesn’t have a driver (like they did when I bought my Librem 13v3).
So, I’m asking for clarification of that which I quoted.


I am not super in the know about this but it seems spicy. Waiting for some dev to reply.


NO. they are using ONLY free-software (firmware, drivers the whole spectacle). no proprietary or closed source code here dear …

use the search function in the upper-right corner … you’ll be surprised at what you can find …

edit: yeah it seems that’s not entirely true at-the-moment … my apologies :face_with_monocle::shushing_face:


It looks, to me, that there are 2 things going on.

[strikethrough]1. It appears to me the mini uses a different chip than the 13/15 so there may be open source drivers for this other device.

  1. The efforts from getting the Librem 5 to be FSF certified by connecting the Bluetooth chip in (I believe USB mode but I don’t remember the exact mode) allows the non-free code to be isolated in an acceptable way. This knowledge may have impacted the changes made to the mini to allow for working Bluetooth and free software to coexist in a way not possible on the current gen Librem laptops.

It may even be a combination of the two,[/strikethrough] I haven’t figured too deep into this as I’m not in the market for a mini, but these are the things I would look into if I were concerned about Bluetooth functionality on the mini.

Edit: Nicole seems to have confirmed they did neither of these things even though they were my first impressions.


OK, matter of fact is we use the same M.2 WiFi/BT card in the Mini as we use in the laptops, i.e. the AR3k Bluetooth chip is there. But yes, truth is also that this will not work out of the box with PureOS as long as you do not install the non-free AR3k firmware blob from some other source.



You’re not Purism staff, are you? I need to hear Purism say that about the mini.


edited above ! thanks !


I think the Librem 5 contradicts the quoted statement. ?