How does Tmobile know I'm about to travel?

This morning I received a text message from Tmobile…Hey, remember to buy our traveling data plan for $X…
I’m 2 days away from a trip. I never told Tmobile I was going to travel.

How did they get this data from me? Did the airline sell the data? Did they see what I was doing on my phone?
How is it legal for these companies to invade my privacy/steal my privacy data, but illegal when someone hacks them?

And if I want to ask Tmobile a question they suggest installing their app on my phone so we can chat. Yeah right!

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Some possibilities: Do you live in a country with many people going on holidays during the next weeks? Do you have a name which could be connected to Christian or Western origin? Or did you travel before at this time of the year? I wouldn’t be surprised if they would sent such a message to all of their customers who did not refuse to receive advertisement in my country at this time of the year.

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Yes to all those questions. Thanks!

PushSpring aggregates data about users and sorts them into audience profiles that publishers can target based on life stage, interests and the type of apps people use. Examples of such profiles include dog owners, millennials, brides and grooms to be, expecting parents, people preparing to move, car and boat shoppers, health and fitness enthusiasts and more. The company said it does not collect any personally-identifiable information.

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And an actual page about this

they just made an informed assumption about your travel preferences but now that you’ve confirmed it online they know for sure …

Creepy, isn’t it.

how do you take water from a river ? easy. you just go the river yourself or force the people nearby to give it to you by threatening to revoke their current access rights …