How install qubes 50% and pure is 50%

Hi there
I have librem 13 v4 with purism os installed. However I’d like to change the setup so qubes is installed 50% and pure os the other 50%

No idea how to go about this- can someone kindly talk thru the steps? Many many thanks

I’ve never done it but the Qubes documentation says that first you should install PureOS, then second you should install Qubes:

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I have done it a couple times (although with another Linux distro as the other OS), but the procedure very much depend on whether you are going to use Legacy BIOS or UEFI to boot your system.

I’m not sure- I have a librem 13 v4- what procedure is recommended? Ideally qubes running on 60% current machine and pure os on other half. Currently pure os is on pretty much all of it.

So, how to change the partition, install a working qubes, etc, so can choose to boot on qubes or pure os etc

I’m not terribly techy so a step by step would be really helpful - can you help?

Thank you so much in advance

This also depends if you have coreboot or pureboot installed.

hehe, yes, that was about what I was about to say.

Forgot to take in mind that is was on a Librem :wink:

I have (sadly) no experience here. :frowning: