How is PureOS for a free software video game developer?

As almost everyone knows, when it comes time to compile video games, there is only one game for linux

  • dependency hunt, and that is why for the longest time I’ve been using Ubuntu (because more things work on the most major distro.

Are gaming libraries up to date to the point where games run, or are they either all too old or too new?

Now, I call myself a developer (cause I have to download and install all those devel libraries), but I’m really more of a tester/ pixel artist rather than much of a coder although I know the some basic coding and can sometimes get stuff to compile and run.

I am not a game developer, so I can’t fully answer your question, but if you are indeed sticking with fully open-source libraries, then it shouldn’t be a problem.

PureOS is based on Debian (like Ubuntu is based on Debian), and Debian’s package repo is pretty extensive. PureOS just only provides access to the open-source stuff. If you need access to a closed-source library, there are ways to add it, but that point you may just prefer switching to Debian non-free or Ubuntu

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