How long for initial Libre One setup?

I placed my credit card order this morning, and now my order status says, “Awaiting Shipment.” How long does it take to get my full Libre One account setup?


We have been experiencing issues with the registration process today. And our systems team is working on solving them in a short period of time.

The fix should be deployed in the next 2 hours.


Thanks. Growing pains. Word has been getting out thanks to your fans on YouTube. I heard about the service thru The Linux Gamer channel.


Thanks for letting us know that

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Still waiting here… it’s be almost 24 hours, and still waiting for registration to complete… credit card billed successfully at start of process, and have been “awaiting shipment”.

Sent an e-mail to a few hours ago.
I can get “social” working successfully, but no joy with mail or chat.

We’ve put through one fix that helped a lot but are still working on the last few kinks, should be ironed out soon but am hesitating to put an ETR on it. We thank you all for your patience.

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Can confirm some success. I saw a sudden growth of 500 backers. :slight_smile:

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Still “Awaiting Shipment.” No big deal. Just letting you know. Looking forward to all the greatness to come. :sunglasses:

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I’m decently annoyed with LO,

Had activation issues and now they are telling me to order the product again and then ask for a refund. That’s ludicrous.

In the case that you can't log into your profile or recover your account, please follow these steps:

Log out of Librem One in your browser and all the apps
Please re-register at with the same Librem One username and recovery e-mail
Sign up for the subscription you want (ex. Free, Full or Family)
If you have registered already, paid and the registration failed, please let us know and we will have the failed order refunded.

@MichaelH I had to do the same thing… it was over 24 hours since I had originally signed up…so had to do it again.

Agree it doesn’t set the best image for a company wanting us to believe that they can competently run online services, but can report that the new registration completed successfully…

To be fair this isn’t unique to Purism. I’ve seen this same type of response from MS regarding OneDrive subscriptions and even Office365. I’ve also heard of this kind of issue with Apple accounts. Sometimes things go wrong and you have to re-do it. I’m not saying it doesn’t suck, just that it isn’t unique to Purism. Hopefully the frequency reduces greatly as things get ironed out much as the other cloud services have over time.

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Hello @MichaelH

As it is clear for all we have had issues with our registration process. And we are trying to solve two different situations.

  1. Making sure the issues we had are solved and that they don’t affect new registrations.
  2. Solving the issues from users that where affected before we applied our fixes to the registration system

Regarding the first point, from what we have seen so far the fixes we implemented have been working, and greatly reduced the number of users that have faced issues.

Regarding the second point (users who had issues registering before we applied our fixes). Different users have had different issues in their registration process, which require different solutions.

The email you referenced was a guide to deal with different problems by different users, the first part of it also asked for the user to try to login one more time because for some of the users with issues that was enough to solve them:

Please try logging into and confirm that the proper services you've subscribed to are Active. If so, you are done. If not, please let us in Support know.

In other cases like what appears to be your case, a new registration will be required to solve the issue.
Obviously in such cases we will refund the user for the value of the original subscription.

If you prefer we can arrange for the refund to be done before your new registration.

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Following up for everyone, Had to register again and ive been told its been refunded. Service so far is iffy but its a new product. The chat application is great. Got a family pack and its working well. Love the groups that are available too.


Glad to hear that. :smile:

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