How long is the black friday sale going on?

Just wondering if anyone knows when the black friday sale ends? what is the deadline? thank! :slight_smile:

To be honest, a Black Friday sale that takes place on more than just Black Friday is a disappointment.

Black Friday sales are generally used to provide “sales” on old inventory, with signage showing the ‘original’ price as the price when first brought to market not the current depreciated price and the ‘sale’ price at or even above the current depreciated price; with a handful of other deals to get people in the door. This is primarily to exploit people and not something I would have expected a SPC to endorse much less participate in (granted their participation does at least appear to be a non-exploitative sale).

My, potentially unpopular, opinion is that Purism should have had a separate sale not tied to Black Friday to continue distinguishing itself from the companies that try to exploit their customers.

I wish this wasn’t the case, but purism needs to liquidate. otherwise they go under. It’s not their job to educate consumers about black friday being exploitative. And this liquidation means more funding for phones, and good reason to make a new device when their stock runs low.


“Black Friday” is a term used to refer to this crazy period before Christmas where everyone is going NUTS over stuff they have to pay.

Proton has this offer extended until 8-9 December so it’s just a name - more like “Black Christmas” lol