How long is the lifetime of Librem 5?


those tech reviewers are propaganda instruments and rarely provide any real benefit to the public other than except the unboxings and the video content itself. most audio can be muted anyway. i watch to get a “feel” of the packaging and build quality and just see if i can spot any “quirks” up close before i make a decission. most of the time it’s “meh ! does it have a swapable/user-replaceable battery ?”

we’re living in a day when books that teach you how to not give a f**k actually have a legitimate reason to be written (in this context ofc).


About how bad the “fixing not allowed” can get:


What Apple is doing with its secret battery “calibration” tool is evil, because only Apple (and a few licensed shops like Best Buy) can use it, but at least you can still change the battery and ignore the message that the battery needs “service.”

The really evil things that Apple is doing is making it impossible to obtain OEM parts, mandating that recyclers destroy the machines so that parts can’t be reused, abusing intellectual property laws to ban the importation of refurbished Apple parts, creating software updates that stop replaced Home buttons or replaced screens from working, and designing special chips like the T2, which makes it impossible to replace certain components on the motherboard.

It is worth watching Louis Rossmann’s video about Apple’s war on 3rd party repair: